Outdoor Fireplaces

outdoor brick fireplace

Custom Outdoor Cement Fireplaces

Give yourself an added incentive to gather around the fireplace with loved ones and friends on cool evenings while still enjoying your cozy exterior spaces with outdoor fireplaces from Raise the Standard. Trendy and practical fireplaces built for outdoor use are suitable for nearly all types of landscape designs and backyard environments.

Beautiful Finishes

We install beautiful and durable outdoor fireplaces with timeless yet visually appealing brick and stone or equally stylish stucco veneer finishes. Design patterns can be customized to your preferences. And thanks to our careful attention to every detail, your new fireplace will beautifully complement your other outdoor features.

Flexible Design Options

Also with designs, you can opt for thermalled flagstone hearths in one piece. Flagstone is our preferred material since it has a non-slip surface. It’s also a material that’s resistant to moisture and heavy use, which is perfect for an outdoor fireplace!


Convenient Storage Options

Another feature our highly experienced contractors can add to your outdoor fireplace is a storage area built into the fireplace walls. This can serve as an ideal spot to store your excess firewood in a way that makes it easily accessible.

Treat Friends and Family to Fresh Bake Pizza

An outdoor fireplace can be more than just the focal point of an outdoor gathering spot. It can also serve as a source of a tasty slice of pizza. Your new exterior fireplace from Raise the Standard can have a pizza oven built right into it.


Additional Outdoor Fireplace Possibilities

Add more convenience to your exterior fireplace from Raise the Standard with a gas log lighter kit – perfect for cool nights when you want to quickly take the chill out of the air! Components are specifically designed to hold up well to heat.

Add the right ambiance and source of comfort to your outdoor living spaces with an outdoor fireplace customized to your needs. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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